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It’s a Great Time to Travel to Hong Kong and Taiwan

If Hong Kong and Taiwan are on your bucket list then this is a good time to make it happen. The tourism offices in both East Asian destinations are wooing American travelers.

According to Travel Daily Asia, the Hong Kong Tourism Board and the Taiwan Tourism Bureau have campaigns enticing more U.S. travelers to both locales. They teamed up after research showed a vast majority of American vacationers want to see a number of places in the region all in one trip. The article goes on to state:

“According to our survey, 92% of visitors from the US arriving in Hong Kong would like to visit other destinations on the same trip,” said HKTB’s executive director, Anthony Lau. “The trend of multi-destination travel in Asia has been gaining importance in recent years, as tourists want to get the most out of each trip. We are confident that this cooperation between Hong Kong and Taiwan will help draw more visitors to Asia and drive our mutual business.”

To help make things easier, there are flights between the U.S. and both Hong Kong and Taiwan. There are even 200 weekly flights to choose from.

And, once you arrive, tourism officials can delight you with their world-renowned local gastronomy. They’re already promoting their “world-class culinary scene” and “east-meets-west culture” through the new promotion. Both boards believe the culture, food, and lifestyle set the region apart from other destinations and continue to lure visitors.