Luxury Travelers are Pretty Picky These Days

Money isn’t the only thing that differentiates luxury travelers from others. How and where they spend their vacations are distinctive as well.

The wealthiest U.S. travelers prefer vacationing in Mexico, Canada, and Italy. And, they’re even picky about the hotel brand. It’s not enough to stay in a luxury hotel; it’s got to be a renowned brand. They prefer Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton, and Hilton. And, while the average U.S. traveler spends $1,347 per vacation, rich luxury travelers spend an average of $3,115 per person. The wealthiest travelers take 14.3 trips per year (half are business trips and the other half leisure) vs. the 4.8 trips average U.S. travelers take. Also, when it comes to booking vacations, the majority of the time wealthy travelers book directly with a hotel or airline rather than use an online travel agency. And, more than one-third use travel agents to make arrangements for them.

And, 78 percent of the top earners prefer health and fitness-related activities while on vacation, compared to 60 percent of less affluent travelers.

Luxury tourism might be fueled by the rise in spa and wellness tourism, as well.