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Padma sails into the Amalfi Coast, Julianne arrives in the Midwest, and Jasmine goes South

Travelebrity is where we look at the world of travel through the eyes of celebrities. We check out the places they go to get a little R&R, away from the dazzling lights of Tinseltown.

Top Chef TV Host Padma Lakshmi traveled to Capri, Italy recently where she was deep in thought and enjoying the Amalfi Coast region.

Thinkin’ about rigatoni ? #Italia #Capri #PadmaInItaly

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Dancer Julianne Hough is staying stateside this summer. She’s spent her vacation journal writing in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

Day 5 writing challenge ?☑️ Today I had a love and gratitude for the Lake and all the depth and expansiveness of what goes on inside of her. I’ve been coming to this lake my entire life. My grandparents raised my father here, so it’s also been a generational exchange. I’ve always felt at home here. I think it’s because water is healing, it’s accepting of all, you can play and be a kid, get a tan in the sun, and yet it can also be dark and scary not knowing what lies beneath. Underneath the surface is a thrilling curiosity of all the creatures that live inside her. Some that haven’t been discovered yet. Some that don’t want to be seen. Some that might scare a person that’s wondered if they are real but have been too protective to uncover the beauty of those scary, dark creatures that are so natural and needed for her to survive and thrive. Being on the surface in the chaos of crashing waves, sometimes feels like you can’t catch your breathe, but the deeper you go with the water surrounding you, the calmer it becomes and you can hold your breathe with ease and see more clearly that you are safe in your own space. The lake was also like glass this morning. So still but completely electric. The dark and stillness of the night is for her to recharge and prepare for the day where she holds the space for strangers to play. She can be soft or she can be rough, she can be cold and she can be warm, but at the end of the day, she stays true to herself riding the waves of the storm, never trying to be anything but what she is… Water! I just love the water #waterbaby #cancer♋️

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Victoria’s Secret Supermodel Jasmine Tookes fell down in awe of Ecuador’s Ciudad Mitad del Mundo Monument.  The landmark shows the exact location of the Equator.

Latitude 00°00’00”

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