Number of Hotels Banning Children is On the Rise

Sounds a bit harsh right? But, believe it or not, more and more travelers are calling for it. An increasing number of hotels in Europe and the Caribbean are now banning children under 16.

According to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal:

“…they are seeking out properties that ban children, along with their crying, tantrums and other distractions synonymous with the terrible twos.”

Ouch! We know this probably doesn’t sit well for parents. But, some travelers are saying they want their vacations to be quiet, peaceful, and relaxing. And, they feel it can only be that way without kids crying, running around, and being noisy.

A number of hotel chains, travel agencies, and even a newly created website are catering to them. German travel agency, TUI AG, now has 250 “Adult Only” hotels. British travel company, Thomas Cook Group, increased its no-children-allowed hotels between 2013 and 2015 to more than 200. RIU Hotels & Resorts is opening an “Adults Only” hotel for ages 18 and up.

But don’t fret; kid-free properties only represent a handful of the enormous number of hotels and vacation rentals out there. There are still plenty of family-friendly places willing to cater to everyone.