Chicago, Paris, Rome and Athens All Have One Thing in Common

Chicago, Paris, Rome, and Athens are some of the biggest cities in the world with millions of tourists visiting every year. But, as beautiful and beloved as these metropolises are they aren’t enough to keep a certain group of people from moving out.

The number of millionaires moving out of these places permanently is higher than the number moving in, reports CNBC. A world wealth report shows that it’s all because of these three reasons: escalating religious tension, a slow economy, and the Syrian refugee crisis.

So, just how many wealthy residents are moving en masse? Well, here are the cities with the largest number of fleeing millionaires over the last three years:

  • Paris: 7,000 millionaires left
  • Rome: 5,000 millionaires left
  • Chicago: 3,000 millionaires left
  • Athens: 2,000 millionaires left

That’s six percent of Paris’ total millionaire population.

While these cities experienced outflows, other international cities welcomed thousands of millionaire immigrants.

Sydney, Melbourne, Tel Aviv, Dubai, San Francisco, and Vancouver saw anywhere between 2,000 and 4,000 wealthy expats take up permanent residence in their cities.