Is Airbnb Really Cheaper For Most Top Travel Destinations?

Most vacationers looking to save money often use Airbnb. But one survey shows saving money might actually depend on the city and country you visit rather than a money saving travel site.

A survey by Busbud, a bus travel booking site, analyzed more than 215,000 Airbnb listings and average hotel rates from in 22 international cities. And, what it found might surprise you.

[bctt tweet=”Hotels were less expensive than Airbnb in six of the 22 cities surveyed, while Airbnb was cheaper in 16 cities “]

And, the difference in price ranged from a few dollars to more than $100.



Hotels were cheaper than Airbnb in Barcelona, Austin, San Diego, Nashville, New Orleans, and San Francisco. While Airbnb was the better deal in many cities, including Toronto, Berlin, Madrid, Paris, Vienna, Sydney, London, Amsterdam, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles.

One of the most popular European destinations is Barcelona, where Airbnb rates are 81 percent higher than hotels. And, in the tourist city of Austin, Airbnb is 57 percent higher than the average hotel rates.