It’s Not Kentucky, But this Southern California Hotspot is Catering to Bourbon Lovers

Southern California is known for many things–palm trees, beaches and even delicious Mexican food. But recently the region has been lauded for something else–bourbon.


Anaheim Marriott Bourbon Bottle

The Anaheim Marriott Hotel is giving libation lovers something to talk about. The resort, located in Orange County near Disneyland, is offering a number of bourbons until the end of October and even offering its top-notch Anaheim Marriott bourbon until the end of the year.


The Past, Present, Future cocktails offered at the Anaheim Marriott Hotel

The hotel is offering three types of bourbon for customers at nFuse Restaurant, Bar & Lounge. They’re known as The Past, The Present and The Future.

The Past, known as the Old Fashioned Old Forrester, is a maple-infused classic bourbon. This is also the longest running bourbon on the market and the first bourbon to be sold in sealed bottles. This savory liquor is being coupled with a chocolate cigar and a house-smoked bourbon oak salt for guests. It’s the perfect combination and ode to the storied history of bourbon.

The Present, or the Anaheim Marriott Private Barrel Woodford Double-Oaked Manhattan Bourbon, is unique, to say the least. “It’s a Double-Oaked barrel, which is essentially a barrel inside a barrel. They don’t sell these barrels to others,” said Phil Aldax, director of hotel operations at Anaheim Marriott, “and the character of this barrel gives the bourbon a flavor that you can’t taste anywhere else.” Aldax also says the Anaheim Marriott is the first in California to do the double-faced barrel of bourbon.

The Future, or the Vanilla Blend, is a white blended scotch, which is the most consumed whiskey category in the world. You can taste and see the art and science of blending in this Vanilla Blend. The aged Kentucky and Tennessee bourbons in this blend create the perfect honeyed gingerbread notes to form a Vanilla Old Fashioned.

All three cocktails are available throughout October, with the Anaheim Marriott bourbon available until the end of December.