We’re used to seeing Baby Boomers play golf while on vacations. But, that image may be more of a stereotype than reality, especially when compared to younger travelers.

Hitting the links is more of a pastime for vacationing millennials than retirees taking trips. Forty-nine percent of younger travelers enjoy golfing while on their vacations. That’s compared to 42 percent of senior travelers. Travel research company Resonance shows that 26 percent of the top luxury travelers say the hotel they choose depends on whether or not it has a golf course. That’s compared to only 11 percent of general travelers.

Overall, golf may be a top sport for U.S. travelers, but not so much for the less traveled. The National Golf Foundation says the number of people playing golf in general is down from 30 million people in 2003 to just 24 million people in 2014. Shifting interests and lifestyles may be to blame.