Are You One of These Types of Travelers?

Who doesn’t live for their vacations? We painstakinly spend time picking the perfect destination. Then we spend more time searching for the right place to stay along with an inexpensive flight. And, don’t forget the countless hours packing and planning vacation activities before we even leave the house. But, once we get settled-in, the stress and anxiety seem to disappear.

How much relaxation and fun you have depends on the type of traveler you are. We’ve come up with a list of seven types of travelers. Look below and ask yourself, “Am I one of these types of travelers?”


Types of Travelers1 Pixabay

This type of traveler is apparently on the rise. Solo traveling isn’t just for men; more and more women are opting to travel alone. These travelers often post blog posts about why they travel alone, or how traveling alone changed them, or how they do the most amazing things when they take trips alone. You probably already know this type of traveler tends to be independent, assertive, fierce, and generally doesn’t want to factor in other people when planning vacations. These travelers crave that alone time to recharge, reflect, and just be free to roam. Being alone on the road is as essential to them as food. Solo vacationers love waking up in a new destination, walking around new cities, dining out, and striking up conversations with complete strangers all by themselves. They are euphoric about traveling solo in the same way runner’s get that “runners high.”


I’ll admit – this is our favorite type of traveler. These travelers doesn’t care if they have to max out credit cards, pay $300 for a massage at a 5-star resort, or spend hundreds of dollars dining on Provençal food and fine wine at a Michelin-starred restaurant. And, don’t forget shopping at pricey boutiques. From designer shoes to name brand clothes to expensive jewelry, they want it all. They live in the moment and get caught up in the vacation. They prefer to worry about the collateral damage after they return home. They are about that glamorous life while abroad.


Laid Back traveler2 Pixabay

If you’re traveling with the “don’t worry be happy” type of traveler, you’re probably annoyed. These travelers are very blasé and just chill a little too much. They would rather wake up and see how they feel before making any concrete plans. Everything is just spur-of-the moment. You try to get them to nail down a specific time and activity and they just shrug their shoulders or say, “We’ll see.” They force you to be flexible by never really committing to anything other than coming on the trip; the rest depends on the weather, how they feel at the moment, and other arbitrary things. They’re just like the friend at the party in the corner smoking a blunt urging everyone to relax and live a little.


group travelers3 Pixabay

These travelers would rather commit a crime than travel alone. They always travel in packs, either with significant others or a group of like-minded friends. Every minute of every day of their vacation will be spent taking it all in with a group, and the bigger the better. Their bliss comes from having someone right beside them to enjoy the scenic views, tasty food, and historic landmarks. Their travel experiences must be shared or they don’t travel at all.


“Life is a party travelers” are more fun at the beginning of a trip than at the end. These travelers tend to try out every nightclub or bar every night of their vacation. If there are seven great new clubs they’ve researched, then they will try them all. And, not surprisingly, they use their vacations to not only relax, but to hook up as well. They stay on the prowl.


Think “Wild” and “Eat, Pray, Love” when you think of the spiritual traveler. Both films show these types of travelers, which tend to be solo travelers on a journey to enlightenment and spiritual discovery. They take yoga and go on health and wellness retreats in places like India and Bali. They travel deep and use the bulk of their time for introspection and self-analysis. These travelers also tend to love giving back to members of the communities they visit.


Finally, rigid travelers won’t take five minutes out of their vacation schedules to use the restroom if it isn’t on the itinerary or spend a dollar to ride the bus if it isn’t in the budget. They never meander from the set plan unless there’s a catastrophic disaster. They nail down a tight daily budget and map out a detailed list of places to see and things to do. Nothing will deter them – not jet lag, not a plane delay, not bad weather, and not local residents urging them to try more authentic restaurants. THEY WILL NOT BUDGE because a plan must be followed.